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Total Lie

Olavo de Carvalho
Zero Hora, March 9th, 2003


In 37 years of experience with communists, I have never met with one anti-American or anti-Capitalist denunciation which, if well examined, has not revealed itself to be a complete fake and of an exquisite machiaveliism. But when I sometimes say so, people merely reply: “You have not examined all of them”.

Of course I haven’t. No single human being could have. Of the 500 thousand KGB employees, at least one fifth worked in propaganda and misinformation, with millions of helpers in all the world. No government, party or anti-communist organization has ever had a propaganda structure that could come close, not even in dreams, to this kafkian monstrosity. Any attempt to compare this thing to the CIA is ridiculous. KGB’s budget – without including soviet military spy work and its Chinese counterpart – was larger than all the Western intelligence services put together. And the modern and flexible organization in “networks” with which the worldwide left has substituted the rigid party structures after the fall of the USSR is still larger than the KGB. That’s where the “peace marches” come from. On the other hand, almost everybody is ignorant that up to World War II, 28 years after the foundation of Tcheka (the former KGB), the USA did not even have a permanent secret service to act in other countries. To have an idea of the difference it makes, suffice it to say that by 1925 the KGB already had under its control the main intellectual leaderships of the West (there are hundreds of books about this, but the best is still “Double Lives” by Stephen Koch), while the first serious anticommunist attempt in the cultural field only came in 1955 with the Congress for Liberty of Culture, organized by the CIA in West Berlin, as an answer to a much more luxurious event the KGB set up in the Hotel Waldorf Astoria, in New York.

To look closer, right here in Porto Alegre, just compare the budget of the Fórum Social Mundial (World Social Forum) with the budget of the Fórum da Liberdade (Freedom Forum) and you will see how the leftists who pretend to be poor in their struggle against the powerful are lying. They are the ones who are rich and powerful. The difference in strength is brutal.

To complicate even more, Communist propaganda never had much concern about coherence, since Pavlov, in the ’20s, discovered that contradictory stimulus fed the credulity of the masses. The Communist Party was never ashamed of waging, at the same time, nationalist and global campaigns, pro and against Judaism, or of simultaneously supporting criminality and accusing capitalism of being an anarchy helpful to crime. Coming from different sides, the bombardment of lies would seem even more spontaneous, therefore more trustable.

All this was already like this in Stalin’s time. With the flexibilization of the “networks”, the intentional confusion became even more dazzling, while at the same time the grants for the soviet propaganda were advantageously substituted by the money from drug trafficking, from fake mega-companies, and from international organizations over-crowded with communists.

Because of that, nobody ever critically examined even an insignificant part of the communist lie or ever will. The size of the machine that produces it has already become gargantually large for any human description. It has transcended the political sphere and reached civilizational dimensions: it is the civilization of the total lie.

Translation: Fábio Lins - Proof Reading: Jacqueline Baca